The 1st Iranian Conference on Microelectronics will be held in Tehran, 25-27 December 2019. This conference is hosted by the Iranian Microelectronic Association and the Iranian Aerospace Research Institute. The conference will be organized with help from experts and prestigious universities in Iran and around the globe.
An exhibition of the latest scientific achievements, researches, and technologies in the field of microelectronics will be held on December 26th as part of the conference. Spreading technological knowledge and the exchange of the latest scientific and research achievements in various research institutes, universities, and the industry, as well as introducing and giving information about scientific and business events in the industry of microelectronics are among the main goals of this exhibition.
The area of the booths will be from 3 to 15 square meters.
The price of the booths will be 5,000,000 IRR per square meter.
Science based companies and companies based in technological or scientific parks will benefit from a 20 percent discount on the price of the booths.
Since the exhibition area is limited, the proposals for the booths will be prioritized according to the reserving and complete payment date and time.
The deadline for filling out the request forms is November 21st, 2019. The payment should be made to the conference’s account and the receipt must be uploaded in the request form. 
Exhibitors may inquire after further information from Ms. Shirian, the exhibition administrator or by calling (+98) 09124464049. Inquiries may also be directed to the secretariat of the conference exhibition via telephone by calling (+98) 021-88366030 with the internal number 343.

Please fill out and submit the request form for the exhibition booths here.