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The theme of ICM, Iranian Conference on Microelectronics, covers the major areas of innovation and research in the field of micro and nano-integrated circuit design and implementation as well as embedded electronic systems and is founded by the Iranian Microelectronic Association (www.iramis.org). One key objective of the conference is to bring blooming scientists, working engineers, and eager students together in order to share their common interests and their experience, and to present their views on the topics, which will encourage relations between academia and industry.

The 1st Iranian Conference on Microelectronics will be held in Tehran, 25-27 December 2019. This conference is hosted by the Iranian Microelectronic Association and the Iranian Aerospace Research Institute. The conference will be organized with help from experts and prestigious universities in Iran and around the globe.

The organizing committee of the conference invites all researchers, academics and industrial experts in universities, industries, and organizations related to the process and technology of designing, implementing, manufacturing, testing, and applied microelectronics to submit their papers for consideration in the conference. Paper submissions will be accepted via the conference secretariat’s online submission system. These papers must be about the latest findings and innovations in the topics of the conference. The main topics are as follows:

- analogue and mixed integrated circuits
- Digital Circuits and Systems and VLSI 
- MEMS, NEMS, sensors, device and read-out integrated circuits
- Image sensors, displayers, and optical integrated circuits
- RFIC and microwave integrated circuits
- power and energy management integrated circuits
- semiconductors, manufacturing and packaging technologies
- bioinstrumentation and medical engineering integrated circuits
- integrated circuits in communication systems (4G, 5G,IoT, smart home, smart city)
- microelectronic business and ventures


The conference will include multiple keynote speeches addressed by international experts; especially by Iranian professors from different universities in the world. Furthermore, educational workshops, exhibitions, panel discussions, and scientific and industrial contests will be held at the conference.

This conference is authorized by the Iranian Ministry of Science and Technology (MSRT). The accepted papers of the conference will be cited in the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) and CIVILICA.

Scientific Secretary of the 1st Iranian Conference on Microelectronics